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June 25 2002:

  • Recap is up.
  • Two new pictures of Alicia Minshew, one of Cameron Mathison, one magazine cover, and the very first Kendall and Ryan picture in that gallery!

    June 24 2002:

  • Recap is available.
  • Two new spoilers added.
  • Six new screen captures are up from today, page forty-one.

    June 23 2002:

  • Recap is available and archived.
  • The commentary will now be monthly, I'll have June up soon.
  • One new Alicia picture is available.

    June 20 2002:

  • Sixteen new screen captures (Thanks, Samantha!) on pages thirty-nine though forty-one.
  • Recap now available.

    June 17 2002:

  • Twenty-seven new screen captures from today's episode on pages thirty-six through thirty-nine, thank you Samantha!
  • One new public picture of Alicia added.
  • Recap is available.
  • Forgot to add it to this section, but Friday's recap has been archived.
  • Commentary is up and archived.

    June 15 2002:

  • Forty-five new screen captures are up, big thank you to Samantha! They can be found on pages thirty-two through thirty-six.
  • Spoilers and news have been added.
  • Recap and commentary will be up tomorrow.

    June 11 2002:

  • Added today's recap.
  • Also, two new pictures of Alicia from the Emmys are in the public gallery.

    June 10 2002:

  • Spoilers added.
  • Five new screen captures are up.
  • Recap for today added and the past week has been archived.
  • Commentary, short, but is now up and archived.

    June 6 2002:

  • Recap for Thursday added.

    June 5 2002:

  • Second update.
  • Added four screen captures.
  • One new Alicia picture.
  • Two new public pictures, both of Alicia looking stunning at the Emmys.

    June 5 2002:

  • Added the recaps for last Thursday and Friday, that week has been archived. Monday's recap is available.
  • Spoilers and news updated.
  • No commentary for May 27 week.
  • New sceern captures and public pictures will be added tomorrow.
  • Very sorry I was behind, it was Days of Our Lives fan weekend and I could not get it done.

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