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Friday, June 21 2002

Still in the park, Kendall and Ryan kiss, overjoyed about their happiness. She vows she will never hurt him. He wants to take her back to the Pine Cone so they can celebrate, but she says she has to go somewhere alone and get something. He questions her, but she tells him it’s a surprise for him. He brings flowers and champagne to their room at the Pine Cone while she heads to the Valley Inn. She sees Bianca talking with Chris and misunderstands Bianca saying that she will lie to send her sister to jail. Kendall frantically calls Trey and vows to clear her name as Ryan sits and wonders where she is, the room decorated with candles and the bed adorned with rose petals.

Thursday, June 20 2002

At the Pine Cone, Ryan walks in the hear Chris telling Kendall that she should leave Ryan if she really cared for him. Ryan tells Chris that if he does not stay out of this, Chris will lose his son. Ryan says that Chris had better try and ignore this or they’re over, and that Erica put Chris up the this. Chris denies that as Ryan says that Kendall is all that matters to him right now. Chris keeps trying to talk Ryan out of this to no avail. Once Chris leaves, Ryan apologizes to Kendall. She says she does not want to ruin his relationship with Chris and says she needs to go for a walk, have some time to herself. In the park, she happens upon Greenlee. The two get into a shouting match and almost go at it again, but Leo and Ryan hold them back. While holding their fiancees back, Leo learns that Ryan is engaged to Kendall and congratulates him. Leo suggests a double weddings, both Kendall and Greenlee let their hatred for the idea be known. Ryan asks Leo to be the best man and he agrees. Kendall and Greenlee share a few more insults before Leo and Greenlee leave, Ryan says he and Kendall have something to do. Ryan then tells Kendall they should wait until she’s in a better mood. She assumes he’s dumping her. He tells her she’s wrong and bends on one knee, pulling a ring from his pocket. He tells her he wanted a more romantic setting than a cemetery, but it will have to do. He explains Chris gave Ryan’s mom, Gail, the ring as something special and sacred but it was never able to mean that. Ryan wants to give the ring a second chance, like he has with Kendall. He officially proposes and she says yes. He places the ring on her finger, a perfect fit, as they kiss.

Monday, June 17 2002

Outside in the rain, Ryan reiterates his proposal, telling her they’re going to stand out all night in the rain until she says yes. She says yes, multiple times, and the rain stops with him telling her she is responsible for the nasty weather leaving. Their clothing soaked they go back to the Pine Cone where he gets her a towel. He notices she’s thinking about something and she tells him she will never push him away again. Playfully, he tells her not to make promises she cannot keep. When she says she’s not he tells her he is in this for the long haul. As she lets him know she believes him, he replies that he honestly believes that this time she does believe him. She won’t even call him crazy for proposing, she laughs. They marvel at how happy one proposal can make them. She excitedly tells him she wishes she could put this moment in her hand so she can never let go of it, she always wants to be this happy. He tells her she should tell someone and asks her to call her mother, Alice Hart. They talk about how Alice’s favorite color was beige and how she wanted Kendall to be a school teacher. Kendall says in their own way the Harts cared for Kendall, but she always felt as though she screwed up with them. Finally she relents and calls Alice, while looking at Ryan she happily announces she is getting married. The phone conversations ends with Kendall letting Alice know she wants to see her at the wedding. She thanks Ryan for having her make the call, letting him know that she had wanted to for so long but did not want to hear the disappointment. He declares that they’re getting married and all of the bad stuff is behind them. He goes to the phone to call Chris but Kendall tries to stop him, saying that Chris hates her. Ryan stands up for her, saying that Kendall will be Chris daughter-in-law so he’ll have to learn to accept her. Erica answers the phone and Ryan says he has big news, asking to speak with Chris. He tells his father he’s getting married and Chris wants him to come over and talk about this. Ryan says there is no changing his mind, he’s going to marry Kendall. Chris says that Ryan cannot marry a woman who is about to go to jail and Ryan asks if Chris would ditch Erica. When Chris calls Kendall angry, confused and disturbed Ryan stands up for his future wife. Chris tells Ryan that Kendall’s trial is set for July 5 and Ryan announces he has the wedding date set, the day before the trial. Ryan invites his father to the wedding before hanging up. Kendall tells Ryan he doesn’t have to marry her after what Chris said. Ryan informs her that they are getting married the day before the trial and if Chris and Erica want to bring Kendall down, they’ll have to go through her husband.

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