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Thursday, June 6 2002

Kendall starts throwing things around in their room at the Pine Cone, upset about him telling Bianca. Ryan comes home with a pizza and she begins to yell at him, saying he doesnít have faith in her. He says yes he told Bianca, but asks if she can trust him. She asks how she could trust someone who is trying to put her in jail. She tells him she met with Trey and Bianca arrived and began hurling insults. Ryan questions why she met with Trey and she tells him she wanted to tell her attorney that she does not want to lie to Ryan. He wonders why sheís trusting Trey instead of him and she keeps telling him Trey is not the issue. She thinks he is giving up on her and he leaves without a word. She stands in the same spot, wondering what sheís done. Ryan goes to Enchantment and asks Chris for help, saying it is possible someone else set this fire, he knows it was someone else. Chris remains loyal to Erica and tells his son if he leaves with Kendall, Chris will stay with Erica. At the Pine Cone Kendall packs and is ready to leave when JR arrives to finish paying off his debt to Ryan. JR tells Kendall about the letter Ryan sent him after Dixie died. She asks what was in the letter and JR explains it was about losing people and how talking about them keeps them alive. Apparently, Ryan wrote that by talking about Gillian and keeping her memory alive allowed him to move on and helped him realize he could find someone he cared for just as much. JR says Ryan called it waking up, which he did not understand. Crying, Kendall says she does understand it. Ryan comes back and Kendall excuses herself to the bathroom. She listen as Ryan and JR talk about everything thatís been going on. As JR leaves Kendall comes out and Ryan finds her bag. She explains she thought he had left her. She says the problem in their relationship is he makes her believe anything is possible. He says it is and she continues, saying she is used to people thinking she is the worst of the worst, which he tells her she is not. She says, with him, she feels loved. He tells her she deserves that. She goes on to say that when he talks about their future on the open roads she feels so loved she could explode. She doesnít know how she got along without that feeling and how she could continue without it. She vows never to leave him, ever.

Monday, June 3 2002

Ryan questions why Kendall didnít tell him about breaking into Ericaís house. Trey intervenes, saying she did not tell because he told her not to. Ryan says he thought they were going to discuss her case and not hide things. Trey again tries to interrupt, but Ryan tells him to stop talking. He asks Kendall to help him understand why she broke in and she says she canít. He runs out. Trey stops her from running after Ryan as she tells him lying was the worst thing she could do to Ryan. He goes on to say she needs to think about herself and she tells him sheís been doing that her whole life. He again tells her Ryan will never understand. She gets claustrophobic as he asks her for coffee at the Valley Inn to work on strategy. He turns and finds her gone. Ryan sits in the park, looking at their maps. He remembers when she agreed to go away with him and then throws the maps away. He goes to leave as Kendall runs up to him. She lets him know she made the decision to lie to him on her own. She tells him she did not tell him because she thinks he likes the tough side of her. He reminds her of their night at the Valley Inn and she tells him that was special. She goes on to say that she did not tell him the real reason for going to Ericaís because it was pathetic. She explains she was looking for pictures of herself, but found non and plenty of Erica and Bianca. Ryan tells her that her quest for Ericaís love and approval is whacked and it will never happen. She likes a punching bag who keeps coming back for more, he says. She says she can handle it, but he says he canít because itís taking time away from them. He asks her to trust him and let him take her away, or there is no hope for them. She apologizes for being a punching bag and he tells her that isnít even close to being all that she is, that there is much more. She asks if heís running for the hills. He says yes, with her. She agrees and he says she will not regret her decision.

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