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Friday, May 31 2002

Kendall is screaming about the test being wrong as Trey says he thought she had been telling the truth when she proclaimed her innocence. She swears it’s broken and asks Ryan to believe her. She tells Trey to do something. He says he cannot help, but she orders him to take the test. Mike, the polygraph man, says the machine was checked and is fine. Kendall says she took Trey’s advice once before and it backfired, she is not going to again and tells him to take the test. Jack agrees to the test. They try to put the blood pressure cuff on Trey, but it hurts his burned arm. Ryan questions is, but Trey brushes him off. They ask Trey standard questions and Kendall demands they ask if he set Erica’s house on fire. The needle jumps when Trey answers no, showing he is lying. Jack and Mike leave after determining the machine is not working. Trey stands up while still hooked to the machine, dropping it to the floor and breaking it for real. Trey tells Ryan that Kendall is the only one who can fire him. Kendall dislikes that idea and tells Trey he is still her lawyer. She informs Ryan she feels sick and wants to go home. She tries to be optimistic, saying the machine did not prove she was lying. He asks why she lied about breaking into Erica’s house.

Thursday, May 30 2002

Kendall leaves a note for Ryan as he sleeps, then leaves for her polygraph. Ryan wakes up and reads the note, which tells him prepare to party for when she returns. She arrives and she and Trey prepare for the test as Jack looks on. Meanwhile, Ryan heads to the ruins of Erica’s house. Bianca is there and tells him about Kendall breaking into the house. Shocked by this news, Ryan leaves. Trey slips something into Kendall’s water as they begin the test, Ryan watching from the window. Kendall begins answering the questions truthfully, yet the machine says she is lying. She sees Ryan as he enters the room and swears to him that she is telling the truth. Trey watches, satisfied.

Wednesday, May 29 2002

Kendall wakes up an announces to Ryan she knows who lit the fire. Ryan guesses Kendall is thinking Erica, but she tells him she believes Bianca did it. She explains to Ryan that Bianca once set Erica’s house on fire because she saw her mother kissing Jackson. As Kendall continues to theorize, she looks for her cigarettes. After Ryan informs her she quit, she realizes her lighter is missing. She claims Bianca stole it and lets it slip to Ryan that she is planning on taking the polygraph. Ryan tries to talk her out of it, reminding her that people know she lies. She goes on and on about Bianca set the fire. They are arguing about it when Trey arrives. Kendall explains her theory and he agrees it could hold. Ryan finds the whole thing to be a bad idea. Trey begins mapping out a plan to pin this on Bianca, then announces he needs time alone with Kendall. Ryan leaves and Trey tells Kendall that Ryan cannot be in on any of their plans. Kendall says Ryan only wants what’s best for her, but Trey insists that Ryan is jealous of Trey’s control. Kendall tells Trey she loves Ryan, Trey counters with sleep with Ryan but trust him. He orders her do this his way or he quits. Ryan returns and Kendall lies about going for the lie detector test in the morning. Ryan offers to accompany her to her appointment, but Trey tells him not to. Trey attempts to leave and Ryan grabs his arm, hurting the burn wound.

Tuesday, May 28 2002

In his room, Ryan and Kendall discuss how they think Trey should let them be more involved with her case. The attorney arrives, asking Kendall if she’s ready for her polygraph. Trey explains that even though the tests are not allowed in court, he’ll get word out that Kendall has passed, if she does. Ryan asks about the possibility of her flunking and Kendall starts to lose her temper. Ryan reiterates wanting to be more involved in her case and Trey advises against it. Kendall makes jokes about setting the polygraph office and court house on fire if she fails. Ryan lets her know again that he believes she is innocent, but that these tests record heart rate and emotions and knowing how worked up she gets, it could be dangerous. He thinks they should rethink the lie detector test and let the forensic guys do their work first. Trey tries to get Ryan out of the room and once he does, Kendall tells him she trusts Ryan with everything. Once alone, Trey tells Kendall she should take the polygraph and lie to Ryan about it. She realizes he has a dark side and tells him she’ll think about it as he goes to leave. Ryan tells her they can talk about something other than her case and shows her he bought the maps for their bike trip, just as he promised, which makes her smile. He thinks they could head south before going west, hitting Miami and Fort Lauderdale. She tells him there’s somewhere she wants to go. When she worked at Enchantment a memo came in from a place called Racoon Junction, Tennessee. They have no Enchantment outlet, no cable TV and no Erica Kane. Both find the place idea. Ryan finds the place on the map and thinks he could buy Kendall the most luxurious home there for very little money. She’s not feeling optimistic and says she’ll most likely end up in a jail cell with an Erica fan. He reassures her that they’ll get her out of this and find out who really set the fire.

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