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Thursday, May 23 2002

At the courthouse, Ryan is still searching for Kendall as Chris suspects she’s jumped bail. Kendall stands at the Valley Inn, Erica holding the door open but about the shut it. Kendall will not let her shut her out. Erica threatens to call the police, Kendall announces once they get there Erica will know she is telling the truth. Erica says Kendall cannot excuse herself, but Kendall stands her ground, wanting her mother to listen to what she has to say for once. Kendall insists that this is all a mix up, because she confessed, Erica is confused. Kendall says no matter how many hateful and cruel things she has done, she would never want to hurt Erica or Bianca. Kendall says that all she has ever wanted, despite going about it all the wrong ways, was to be a part of Erica’s life. Erica refuses to believe anything Kendall says, despite her swearing her innocence. Meanwhile, Chris and Ryan figure out where Kendall has gone and run after her. Erica tells Kendall that she is sick and that she will ensure that Kendall goes to jail. Both women are in tears as Ryan and Chris arrive. Chris asks Kendall if this will all stop when she kills Erica as La Kane cries into his shoulder. Ryan defends Kendall, saying Chris should talk to her first. Chris will not give Kendall anymore chances, he thinks Kendall was using him to get to Erica. Erica still refuses to believe that Kendall saved her life. Chris tells Ryan that he hopes that he becomes wise to Kendall’s true personality. All this time Kendall was listening from the bathroom and comes out, telling Ryan she did not come there to hurt Erica. At the Pine Cone, Ryan tells Kendall she needs to give up on Erica, it is a dead end. He reminds her that they are going away after her trial, that they will fight this because she is innocent. He tells her when they leave, she can live anywhere she wants as far away from Erica as possible. He removes his wedding ring, promising to be with her wherever she decides to go. She asks if he give everything up, he counters by asking if she can give up on Erica. He tells her they will send Chris a postcard from wherever they end up and that this choice is completely up to her. He asks if she can trust him enough and she says she trusts him with her life. She promises not to run as they hug. Trey arrives and tells them he may have a way to get Kendall out of this if she puts her complete trust in him.

Wednesday, May 22 2002

Kendall waits in her jail cell with Ryan reassuring her. Trey enters as Ryan tells her he will be back for her bail hearing, finding out her bail will most like be one million dollars. Trey continues to try and talk her into pleading guilty. The officer tells them it’s time, but Kendall wants to wait for Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan runs into the Chandler mansion and asks Liza to lend him some money so he can post bail for Kendall. She agrees and he thanks her before leaving. In court, Kendall turns to find no Ryan, but Bianca in the back. The judge arrives and Trey announces his client will be pleading guilty. Ryan enters as the judge asks Kendall for her plea. Looking back and forth between Trey, Ryan, the judge and Bianca, Kendall announces she is innocent. Bianca angrily leaves as Ryan announces he’s ready to post bail. Trey is upset that she is fighting this as Mia tells Ryan the money is ready. He tells Kendall to wait as he signs the papers. When he returns, she’s gone. At the Valley Inn, Erica opens the door to find Kendall standing there.

Tuesday, May 21 2002

Trey arrives at Kendall’s cell, Ryan hired him late last night, and immediately tells her she should plead guilty. She tells him no, she is innocent. She tells Trey he needs to have bail set, she does not want to stay in jail another night. Trey informs her that getting bail will be a problem because she is a flight risk and if bail is granted, it will be an astronomical number. She tells him just get her bail and she’ll worry about the money. He goes on to say that the evidence against her is compelling and that her finger prints are all over Bianca’s room. She tells him that’s true and he reminds her that she has never been invited upstairs, to which she also says is true. Meanwhile, Ryan goes to the Valley Inn and finds Chris and Erica in the afterglow and asks Chris to help him help Kendall. Chris says he will do anything to help his son, but not Kendall, this time she is in too deep and is in jail where she belongs. Erica comes out to defend Chris and Ryan tries to defend Kendall, telling Erica that Kendall tried to save her life last night. Erica insists that Kendall was trying to kill Bianca and Ryan tells her she is twisting Kendall’s words to her liking. Chris tells Ryan he needs to get over Kendall and Ryan tells his father that it’s time someone helped Kendall before slamming the door and leaving. In her cell, Kendall confesses to Trey that she broke into Erica’s house once. She tells him she only wanted to look around since she had not been past the foyer since returning. She found no pictures of her, nothing to show she existed. Trey questions if she can blame Erica, seeing as how she is a result of rape. Kendall gets upset, saying that her conception was in no way her fault. Trey tells her everything she’s told him will get her convicted even though she keeps telling him she is not guilty. She continues relating her visit to Erica’s, that she went in Bianca’s room and imagined what things would have been like if she had all of those things. Trey breaks the news that the police found her lighter at the scene. She orders him to check her purse and that he’ll find it there. He checked, he says, her lighter was gone. He tells her Jackson will do everything in his power to make her disappear. Ryan arrives as Trey declares to be done for now. Ryan notices Kendall looks scared and she asks him if he believes her innocence. He declares he’s going to take care of her and make sure she gets out of this. He tells her he got the bike fixed and it’s ready for their trip, but she tells him she can’t go. He promises to wait for her and to think of places they could go. She mentions the Grand Canyon and Graceland and asks if that’s boring. Nothing about their trip will be boring, he declares, that they can find all sorts of out of the way places to make love. They then rethink Graceland, laughing. She tells him she has never wanted anything so bad and he tells her it will happen. She questions why they’re making these plans because of all the evidence against her, even Trey is telling her to plead guilty. He tells her to lean on him and trust him as she admits to be scared and he comforts her through the bars.

Monday, May 20 2002

At the hospital the officer with Jackson reads Kendall her rights. Jack asks if Kendall understands and Erica takes the chance to get a few digs in. Ryan tells her to lay off. Erica tries to tell Ryan that Kendall tried to kill them all. Ryan watches a frightened Kendall get taken away to prison. Erica apologizes to Ryan for bringing Kendall to town because she duped him into believing in her. Ryan tries to get her to stop. Ryan tries to remind Erica that just like he ran in to save Chris, Kendall ran in to save Erica. Erica says Kendall did not save her, she stopped her from saving Bianca. Ryan tells Erica the whole world understands she hates her oldest daughter when Erica tells him Kendall confessed. Bianca and Chris back her up as Ryan stares in disbelief. Erica goes on saying that when Kendall thought he, the only person who cared about her, was dead, she confessed everything. Chris questions why Ryan stands up for her. Ryan leaves and goes to the jail. He finds Kendall lying on the bottom bunk, curled up and facing the wall. He asks if the guards have been treating her right and then tells her the arson investigators found her lighter at the scene. She tells him that he also thinks she is evil and tells him to leave. He tells her he did not say that and no matter the evidence he does not believe she is capable of hurting people like that. He says it doesn’t matter how he knows and she realizes he has faith in her. The guard tells them their time is up and Kendall asks for five more minutes, but is denied that request. Before Ryan leaves she reminds him she told him she loves him and asks if he feels the same. He tells her he does not want to, but smiles, letting her know without saying that he does.

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