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Friday, May 17 2002

Still outside as Erica’s house crashes and burns, the firemen tell the ladies that there is no way that Chris and Ryan survived. Kendall begins saying that this is all her fault about Ryan and Chris, that everyone who comes around her ends up hurt. Over to the side of the house Ryan comes to and tries to wake Chris up. Jack arrives on scene and embraces Erica and Bianca, curious about Kendall’s admission and Erica’s accusations. Erica tells Kendall she will make her regret this, making the younger woman shoot back that she’s already lost almost everything she holds dear. Meanwhile, Ryan is telling Chris that he is not a lousy father and begging him to come back, confessing that he needs him. Bianca orders the shouting to stop as she sees Chris and Ryan approaching. Erica falls into Chris’ arms as he lays on the gurney. Kendall stays back as Ryan and his father bond with Erica hanging on for dear life to her love. Jack offers to take Bianca to the hospital to be checked out and Erica will go with Chris. Ryan stops Kendall, as the fireman tells Erica it was arson and started in Bianca’s bedroom. Kendall tries to flee from Ryan, but he won’t let her. He says two things made him want to come out of that fire, saving his father and coming back to her. He says he did not expect her to bail. Erica interferes and says that running is what Kendall is good at, leaving her crime scenes behind. Erica again accuses Kendall of the fire as Ryan looks at his girlfriend questioningly. Kendall tells Ryan to leave, but he says he is not going anywhere without her. They arrive at the hospital and as soon as Ryan is signed out, Kendall again begins to go. He wonders why, after he walked through fire, she wants to leave. She tells him if she stays, he may actually end up dead. He tries to tell her he won’t die, but she won’t take a chance. He asks if she hates him and surprised at his thinking this, she confesses that she loves him. He asks her to repeat what she said and she again says that she loves him. He leans in to kiss her as Jackson approaches with a police officer. They arrest Kendall for arson, as well as other crimes, in front of a stunned Ryan. Bianca, Chris and Erica are leaving just in time to see this, La Kane delighted by these events.

Thursday, May 16 2002

Kendall and Erica watch the house engulfed in flames. Ryan runs up and Erica tells him if it weren’t for Kendall, Chris and Bianca would still be alive. Ryan asks questions about what’s going on and after some time, Bianca makes it out. Kendall turns around to find Ryan gone. The three women wait outside as Ryan attempts to save Chris. Inside, Chris and Ryan are trapped. Outside, the ladies pray for them.

Tuesday, May 14 2002

Kendall and Ryan are at the court house for her hearing. She’s ready to throw in the towel saying that they will never leave, Erica will see to it she is put behind bars. Ryan tells her he has a secret weapon. Trey arrives and Ryan tells his girlfriend if Trey can keep Vanessa from prison then Kendall should be easy. Trey gives Kendall one thing to do, stay quiet. They sit in the court room, waiting as the judge sentences Bianca to six months probation. Kendall’s case comes up and she pleads innocent. Erica is outraged and demands this be changed. The two get into a shouting match and Erica is nearly held in contempt of court. Kendall’s trial is set and out in the hallway Bianca rips into Kendall. Ryan goes to take her home, but cannot find her. Later on at Erica’s house, Bianca tells her mother she is afraid of Kendall as someone sets fire to Bianca’s room.

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