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Thursday, May 9 2002

Ryan carries Kendall into the Pine Cone, she tells him to get out of her way and he responds by telling her the only person in her way is herself. She accuses him of trying to change her and he says that he does not and is simply trying to keep her from ruining her own life. For the millionth time, she asks why he cares. He counters by inquiring if he is merely the guy she is sleeping with. They both agree that they don’t treat each other like that at all. He goes on to say that he understands her and that he is on her side and will always believe in her, despite that fact that she keeps screwing up. Kendall goes on about Erica and Bianca blaming her for Bianca’s accident. Ryan tells her that revenge is not what should matter to her. Kendall explains to Ryan that when she’s not thinking of revenge she feels whole because she has nothing else to believe in. He tells her that he knows that she knows there are better ways to live. She tries to leave and he stops her. He asks her to let him make her feel alive, instead of revenge even though that is what she is used to. He believes in them, he says, and asks her if she can let that be enough. After they make love Kendall tells Ryan that no one has ever been this way with her before. He asks if he’s the first one she has been serious about. She explains to him that she thought Del Henry was the one, but after they got to Florida it turned out that he could not put up with her crap. Ryan says it is a challenge and he has a solution. She tells him a personality transplant will not work and he suggest they run away together. He talks about how there is nothing in Pine Valley but reminders of bad memories and that they remember them without reminders. She tells him she cannot go, she has a court date. He says as soon as that’s done, they’ll leave. They can be their best away from Pine Valley he tells her. She agrees and they decide to leave town.

Wednesday, May 8 2002

At Erica’s Jackson shows up with the police. Kendall assumes it is because of the gun and spills to Jackson. He really came to serve her with a summons because of her giving Bianca champagne. Ryan tells Jackson to back off. Kendall, Bianca and Erica go back and forth on blaming each other for different thing that have happened. Jackson tells Kendall he is blaming Kendall for Bianca’s accident because she was the one that called Donald Steele. Kendall tells Bianca she hates her that much. Binky tells Ryan that if Kendall has sunk her fangs into him, she feels sorry for him. Kendall tells them all to go to hell and tries to leave. Jackson hands her the summons and Bianca tells her that she never did anything to earn their respect. Kendall asks who Bianca thinks she is and her response is that she is Erica Kane’s daughter and tells Kendall to leave. She runs out and Ryan follows her to the park. She goes into a tirade about Erica, Bianca and Jackson and asks Ryan what he wants. He tells her he wants her to trust him. She responds by telling him her whole world is falling apart. What she did to Bianca sucks, he tells her. He goes on to say that when it comes to Kendall, Erica hasn’t been very mature but Kendall has not given her much to work with. Ryan tells Kendall she needs to make the things she’s done right. She says, no she has to make things right by her own self and to hell with the rest. He asks what her plan is and if anything is more important to her than revenge. He pulls a cigarette from her that she’s about to light up, throws her over his shoulder and carries her out of the park.

Tuesday, May 7 2002

Ryan and Kendall arrive at his room at the Pine Cone. She assumes he is going to dump her. He tells her no, he is not. He tells her that she’s a little nuts, but also special and he wants to be with her. He goes on to say that he needs for her to be happy and that when they’re alone together, she’s amazing. He kisses her and they lay on his bed, him holding her and asking her what he can do to make her happy. He asks what he can do to make her happy. When she says she does not know, he tells her to make a list and he’ll help her do everything on it. She asks him why she cares and he asks her to trust him. When she asks how to begin that, he tells her to sleep. They fall asleep in each other’s arms, but when she wakes up she leaves. He wakes up and begins calling people to find her. She shows up at Bianca’s to apologize. Erica previously told Bianca about Kendall and the gun, but not why Kendall held the gun on Erica. Bianca refuses Kendall’s apology, telling her to shove it. After telling Bianca she’s just like Erica, Kendall leaves. Ryan shows up at Erica’s to see Kendall leaving. He guesses things did not go well with Erica and she informs him she came to see Bianca and that she now knows it is time to move on. He asks her to let him help straighten things out and she says he can’t but wants to try. She tells him she does not know what to do with everything he’s offering her. Start by ringing the door bell, he tells her. Erica lets them back in and is about to close the door as the police come looking for Kendall.

Monday, May 6 2002

Kendall is still holding the gun on Erica. At first Erica is not taking this seriously at all. Kendall informs her of her conversation with Greenlee and that Ms. Smythe now works for Revlon. Erica is stunned. Kendall goes on and lets Chris and Ryan know that Erica was plotting behind her back the entire time La Kane was acting as though she wanted reconciliation. Kendall says that Erica hates her now just as much as the day she was born. Erica makes no move to deny this, she also tells her daughter that no matter what Bianca will always be the only daughter she will ever care for. Ryan tries to get Kendall to put the gun down, saying if she shoots Erica than she loses. It may make her feel better, but she’ll be in jail and Erica will have been proven right about Kendall. She allows Ryan to take the gun as Erica gets up and leaves. Chris stays, checking the gun and finding it empty. Ryan convinces Chris to go after Erica, making Kendall think her lover is taking her mother’s side. Before he can thoroughly explain himself, Kendall has left. He runs after her and finds her on a bench in the park, sobbing. He asks her if she wants to be alone and she says that’s what everyone wants. She tries to bolt, saying she does not need him. Knowing she’s lying, he scoops her up in his arms and carries her out of the park.

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