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Friday, May 3 2002

Greenlee mercilessly taunts Kendall about Erica wanting her out of her life so badly she’d risk her most important product — a perfume called Bianca. Kendall runs out of Greenlee’s Revlon office, shocked. At SOS Ryan and Leo are discussing the complicated women in their lives as Ryan explains to Leo, Kendall is not as bad as people make her out to be. Chris and Ryan are the first to arrive at the Valley Inn, followed by Erica. The three sit and talk as Kendall walks in, looking determined and struggling to remain calm. Ryan pulls her chair out for her as she reaches into her purse, producing a gun and pointing it directly at Erica. Ryan and Chris ask what she is doing and she replies she is getting even and asks Erica if she is ready.

Thursday, May 2 2002

At the hospital, Erica makes some excuse to Greenlee about her powow with Kendall. Afterwards, Erica instructs Kendall to get some private files from Enchantment to keep Greenlee from giving them to Revlon. Ryan walks into Erica’s office, seeing Kendall going through the little file cabinet. He tells her she’s busted, that he knows she’s trying to help Erica out. Kendall tells him that Erica believes in her. He says Erica isn’t the only one. He offers to help with anything he can. Before leaving he tells her how proud he is of her and reminds her about dinner with their parents. Before leaving, Kendall looks at the portrait of Erica, saying Ryan believes in her why can’t she? Kendall goes to Revlon only to discover Greenlee there waiting for her.

Wednesday, May 1 2002

Ryan and Kendall arrive at the hospital the next morning. Kendall has brought Erica some of Myrtle’s muffins. As Erica goes in the visit with Bianca, Kendall tells Ryan she is relieved her little sister is okay and asks him to bring her some water. While he’s gone she uses the pay phone. She calls Donald Steele, telling him to come down to make sure Erica does not escape justice again. Erica and Jack are in with Bianca when Donald Steele barges in. Kendall says she did not even see hi come by. Once Ryan throws him out, Jack tells Erica that Kendall is probably the one responsible for this. Kendall tells Ryan she thinks she finally understands Erica and Bianca and then goes into her own fantasy about them being arrested. Erica also has a fantasy of celebrating Kendall’s departure with Bianca and Chris. Chris then shows up at the hospital and says he’d like to have a family dinner to celebrate Bianca being okay. Ryan and Kendall agree to come and Chris says Bianca can choose the restaurant. Taking her aside, Erica tells Kendall her help is needed for something very important at Enchantment. Erica goes on to say that she needs Kendall’s help to stop Greenlee, just as Ms. Smythe approaches.

Tuesday, April 30 2002

At the hospital Erica goes into where Bianca is being treated, but Joe makes her leave. Joe explains to everyone that Bianca will be just fine. Figuring they won’t be needed, Kendall and Ryan go to leave. Erica stops them, telling Kendall she is to blame for all of this. Ryan tries to excuse Kendall but she stops him. She tells him not to explain anything to Erica because her mother will never understand that she can take care of herself because she has to. Kendall goes on to say that no matter what Erica would never rush to help Kendall, never care for her the way she does Bianca. Erica says that Kendall has always hated Bianca and wanted to hurt her. Chris calls a time out ad Ryan takes Kendall aside to try and calm her down. Ryan excuses Erica’s behavior to stress. Opal asks to hear Kendall’s side of the story while Ryan and Chris talk. Later on, while Erica and Bianca are hugging, Kendall looks in. Outside, Ryan tells Kendall she has two choices. She can either try and make things work with Erica, or she can kick herself for never getting the chance to know what could have been. Chris tells Erica the same thing. Kendall and Erica then hug, superficially, after insincere apologies.

Monday, April 29 2002

Erica and Kendall continue their argument about whether or not Bianca is old enough to drink. It goes into Erica smothering Bianca, Kendall telling her that Bianca would like her better if Erica left her alone. Erica asks where Bianca is and Kendall says even if she did know, she would not tell Erica because she’d storm in and ruin Bianca’s party. Erica threatens Kendall, who tells her mother that Bianca has enough common sense to call a cab or stay the night. She then thinks that Erica is not worried about Bianca driving drunk, but about what else Bianca would do while drunk. She berates Erica for being close minded about Bianca’s sexuality and feels sorry for her younger sister. Erica tells Kendall that she and Bianca were just fine and Kendall wonders about their fractured relationship. Kendall makes more cracks about Erica thinking she’s trying to turn Bianca. Chris and Ryan break up their argument as Ryan takes Kendall outside to cool off. On Myrtle’s porch, Kendall tells Ryan this is not about Bianca. This is about how Erica will never love her and each time she says something about Bianca, it hurts Kendall and reminds her of how she’ll never have that. Ryan guesses that Kendall has never given up on seeking Erica’s approval. She tells him she doesn’t care and he wonders why Erica gave her a job then. She tells him so that her mother could spin some good press. She goes on to say that she doesn’t need Erica anymore now that she has something else. He finishes her sentence, asking her if it’s because now she has him. She gets scared and backs off, excusing it to sounding like Erica. She tries to laugh it off but he tells her she never has to be afraid of pushing him away. He asks if she’s worried about getting too close to him and she says no, she’s hardly thought about that. He correctly assumes that is a lie and that they are both trying to figure out where they are. She tells him they slept together, nothing more. Ryan informs her that for him, it was more and that something happened. He gets her to admit that something happened for her too and it meant more than just sex. She asks him if she has him, instead of Erica. He responds by kissing her. Inside Erica and Chris are talking about Erica could never love Kendall or want her because of how she was brought into the world. The phone rings and it’s Bianca asking for Kendall. Erica has answered and Bianca tells her mother that she ran off the road and an ambulance is on the way. Ryan and Kendall come back in to hear the end of the phone call and watch Erica and Chris run out of the house. After they’ve left Kendall is pacing, nervous. She says that no matter what, Erica will blame her for this. Ryan tries to calm her, saying they’ll call the hospital and check on Bianca. Kendall says that she’s responsible for this and wants to be with her sister. She asks Ryan if he’s coming with her and he says he’ll drive. Chris and Erica arrive at the hospital, knowing Bianca’s car was badly damaged. They go to the cubicle where Bianca is being treated to find Kendall and Ryan leaving the room. Kendall tries to stop her mother from going in, but cannot.

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