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Friday, April 19 2002

At the Valley Inn it turns out Ryan made very specific instructions for candles, caviar, and champagne. Kendall downs the caviar and Ryan thinks that she’s trying to prove that she can make it at Enchantment. He tells her not to try so hard and that he believes in her. To hell with the past, he says. As they are about to toast to that, Greenlee walks in. Although she does not notice Ryan and Kendall, Ms. Hart is still agitated. Trying the toast a second time, they are interrupted by Erica. She turns down Ryan’s offer to join them, but tells him that Chris has wonderful news. Kendall thinks that this would be a good opportunity to discover what Erica and Greenlee are plotting. Ryan tells her to grab her purse and whatever else she wants, that they’re leaving. He has the Inn staff prepare a room for them with the lights dimmed, their table for two ready, candles lit and soft music playing. Kendall sees the bed and thinks his motives are clear. He tells her this is a night for fun, forget the bed and Enchantment. He says they’ll have dinner, laugh and go home...unless she wants to do something else. He suggests dancing and takes her in his arms. She gets tense and he tells her to loosen up. She can’t believe he would do all of this for her and he tells her she makes him want to smile. He tells her she’s beautiful and smells great and they again dance, but feeling uncomfortable, she pulls away. She tells him she is not the girl men like to dance in the dark with and soon he will figure out she is nothing. He is shocked that she would say something like that about herself. She goes on to tell him that after people get to know her, they don’t want to smile anymore. She breaks down crying as he pulls her into a hug. As her tears decrease, they share a kiss.

Thursday, April 18 2002

At Myrtle's Chris breaks one of Myrtle's vases. As Erica and Ryan walk in, Kendall goes to clean it up. Chris, feeling frustrated by his wheelchair, asks why they're all there. Deciding to not sit around and do nothing, they play poker. Upon Kendall's suggestion, they sit for game of strip poker. Each must remove something in order to play. Going first, Kendall removes her belt. Eric her bracelet, Ryan one shoe, and Chris his watch. Raising the stakes, while Kendall looks uncomfortable, Ryan also removes his shirt. As Kendall continues to look uneasy by the situation, Ryan and Chris decide they should play for money instead. Erica tries to get closer to Kendall by taking a girl power stance against the two men. Not wanting to put up with the charade, Kendall declares the evening ridiculous and runs out. Ryan picks up his shoe and shirt and runs after her. On Myrtle's porch Ryan tells Kendall that at least Erica is trying to mend things. Kendall doesn't buy it and feels Erica is up to something. They dance around the issues of their parents and she tried to goad him into fighting with her. He does not take the bait and tells her that they aren't talking about Chris and Erica, they are talking about them. He tells her that they cannot waste their time being angry and sad, they need to move on. He tells her to go upstairs and change into something that will make him go ‘Ah' and he'll be back to pick her up. He returns, dressed in a suit, to find her on the porch waiting - dressed in a sexy little dress, looking beautiful. He's blown away and offers his arm to her. She accepts and they leave.

Monday, April 15 2002

Kendall enters SOS looking for Ryan. She immediately apologizes for dissing Gillian. Knowing her as he does, Ryan question what her motive is. Kendall Hart-less does not do apologies unless she gets something out of it, he tells her. Though she swears she means it, she does tell him she needs his help. He’s shocked to find out that it has nothing to do with revenge against Erica. She wants his advice, business wise. He agrees, as long as she buys him dinner. Not just a burger, but an actual dinner at an actual restaurant. He insists on the Valley Inn and she agrees. They arrive to find the cops surrounding the place and the dining room sealed. They find out Vanessa is holding an audience captive in their, an audience which includes Chris and Erica. They are ushered to the bar and encounter a worried Myrtle. Kendall helps calm the woman’s nerves as Ryan is frantic to help his father. Kendall worries for Ryan’s safety as he tries to get in the dining room. She assures Myrtle that if she had to place a bet between Erica and Vanessa, she would put her money on La Kane, stating that both Erica and Chris are survivors. She goes to comfort Ryan and he wonders if she would care of Erica really did die in there. When Vanessa is captured and Erica and Chris emerge unscathed, Ryan tells his father how pleased he is that he is fine. Kendall also informs Erica that she is happy that she was not hurt. As Erica and Chris leave to take Myrtle home, Ryan lets Kendall know he sees her soft spot shining through.

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