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Monday, April 8 2002

Kendall and Ryan continued their kiss on Myrtle’s porch. Their passion escalated until Kendall pulled away and ran off. Her car stalled as Ryan caught up to her and hopped into the passenger side, taking her keys. She proceeded to tell him that letting go was a mistake. She claimed that he was just like every other man in her life. He stared at her, confused and shocked. He told her that yes, sometimes losing control could be bad, but other times it was the only way to go. She told him she knew that he only saw her as a charity case, a fixer upper. Again, he stared at her not believing what he was hearing. It was then he told her that he knew who she was, that she was almost sweet and that he liked her just the way that she was. She insisted he was wrong and then insulted Gillian. He told her to shut up, and got out of the car leaving her behind. Later on, at Enchantment, Kendall thought about Ryan telling her that she made him like her a lot.

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