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Week of May 13 2002:

Well, last week I said this week sounded exciting and I was right. Burn, baby, burn! But before that we start out in the courthouse. Ryan has hired Trey to represent Kendall. Good one, Ryan, good one. Bloody brilliant. We the viewers know that this will come back to haunt them. Mind you, I am writing this Tuesday of the following week, so my mind is a bit ahead. Anyway, Binky gets quite a bit of leniency in court. Kendall pleads innocent and Erica demands she be guilty. Of course, Erica, youíre Erica Kane. Anything you want, your highness. Anyway, their standard argument ensues. Same old, same old. Turns out LesBianca now believes Kendall to be evil, as does Chris. There went two of her supporters. Granted, she did screw up big time with Bianca and Donald Steele. Yet, no one seems to find it necessary to tell Bianca that Erica was only nice to get rid of Kendall. Oh well.

Back at LaKaneís pretty house Chris, Erica and Bianca all agree that they need to get rid of Kendall before she kills them all. So, Chris and Erica leave Bianca behind as some mysterious figure dressed all in black douses Biancaís room with gas and lights up a cigarette. Standard soap cliche. Weíre meant to believe this is Kendall, but TPTB know that we know that it was not her. I have my own theories but whatever. So, Bianca gets knocked out after seeing her room ablaze and not going in. Must have been a lot of smoke to keep her from running in the opposite direction where there was no fire.

Erica and Chris return, all flummoxed and panicking, as they should. Sadly, guess who comes out? Yup! Kendall. She says she tried to save Binks but couldnít so Chris runs in. Erica tries repeatedly to run in. She finally gets in with Kendall following her. How much did I love this. Kendall tries to get Erica outside and safe but the woman simply will not listen. What does Kendall do? Knock her out with a vase! Go Kendall! Not only did Erica get injured but Kendall saved her life. When Erica wakes up we know she wonít see it that way. As Erica and Kendall stand outside, Kendall getting yelled at for starting the fire, Ryan shows up. This town is so convenient. So, after Bianca comes out itís Ryanís turn to run in. He saves Chris but for a bit those women think their men are dead. Kendall goes on and on, saying itís her fault. Iím sure she just meant those she cares about get hurt.

But, theyíre safe and Kendall tries to run. Erica ruins the Ryndall moment, but Ryan will not be deterred! At the hospital he gets checked out. Everythingís all hunkey dorey. This is my favorite part of the week, Iíll even ignore Jackson. So, Ryan thinks Kendall running means she hates him even though she tells him itís to keep him safe. This was the kicker, and I really didnít expect it. She tells him she does not hate him, she loves him! She loves him! She loves him! She loves him! Letís all shout it from the rooftops! He doesnít say it back, he doesnít really get the chance. He leans in to kiss her and Jackson shows up with a cop. The arrest her as Erica happily watches with Bianca and Chris.

Sorry this was short, Iím sleepy.

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