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Welcome to A Slice of Heaven the first fan site for Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart (Ryndall) on ABC's All My Children. Ever since his wife Gillian passed away Ryan has been in a rut. Understandabley he was in mourning, sulking about. But now it is time for his brooding and self-pity to end. Who better to help than Kendall Hart! And who better to bring out the kindness in her than he?

From the moment they began sparring, some of us knew that these two were destined for coupledom. Supercouple status? Who knows, but the ride sure will be fun. This is dedicated to this sexy and fun duo and their budding romance!

The goal of this site is to be to most comprehensive 'Ryndall' site online. All of the links in the left frame are active, so please check them out. Drop by our message board and please sign the guestbook (Both found in the interactive section). Thank you so much for stopping by!

An update will take place on June 28 or 29, I do not have time to do a recap until then.

A big thank you goes out to Samantha for providing this site with screen captures for the past week. Please, visit her awesome site (Soulmate of Kendall and Ryan).

Last Update: June 25 2002
Site Created: March 30 2002

Ryan and Kendall are the property of Jean Dadario Burke, ABC, and All My Children. This site is in no way affiliated with All My Children, ABC, Cameron Mathison, or Alicia Minshew. It is for entertainment purposes only. Screen captures were obtained from ABC Screen Captures.