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Memorable Moments
Soap Opera Update
June 4 2002

A Night of Passion Heartbreaking

Fans finally got what they wanted when Ryan and Kendall put their defenses down and expressed their feelings for each other... romantically. These two have been working towards a romantic relationship for some time., but each time they'd get close enough, they'd stop before they got too involved. Well, this time Ryan was determined to do something nice for Kendall. One thing led to another... and some of the most romantic, sexy, delicious love scenes were the result.

Ryan planned to surprise Kendall with a beautiful dinner in a private suite he rented at the Valley Inn. The suite had flowers, candles and delicious fare. It also had a gorgeous-looking Kendall and a sexy, handsome Ryan. Kendall was overcome by Ryan's thoughtfulness when she saw the surprise he'd planned for her. No pressure on his part for Kendall to hop into bed with him, but this time it was Kendall who wanted to take the next step. And so they did, and how beautifully it was played out.

It was a magical night for Kendall and for Ryan, who had not connected romantically with a woman since the death of his wife Gillian. It was new beginning for both Ryan and Kendall, and if All My Children is smart, they'll be more nights for this duo, exactly like the one we just got to see.

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