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Kendall: You can lose the smirk, Ryan.
Ryan: What?
Kendall: You think my soft spot's showing again.
Ryan: Don't worry, I won't let it get out.
Kendall: Look, just because I'm glad Erica's not dead doesn't mean we're going to start baking cookies together. I'm still watching my back when she's around.
Thursday, April 18 2002

Phone Rings
Kendall: Dammit, this better be life or death!
Ryan: I can't imagine why you're still single.
Kendall: Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah. Question. What is a Slow, Red-Hot, Tongue-Twisting Kiss?
Kendall: I'm surprised you're not familiar with that.
Ryan: Can you help me out?
Kendall: I'll have to show you in person.
Tuesday, April 2 2002

Kendall: That sounds like a date to me. Boy, girl, food, fun, moonlight.
Tuesday, April 2 2002

Kendall: Plus, since it's a ball game, chances are somebody's going to score.
Tuesday, April 2 2002

Ryan:Are you interested, or should I get someone else?
Kendall: You wouldn't dream of it.
Tuesday, April 2 2002

Kendall: Hey, Ryan, do those players still wear those tight pants?
Ryan: Yeah.
Kendall: Oh. Bring your binoculars. I like to watch them rearrange things.
Wednesday, April 3 2002

Kendall: Go ahead and say it, Ryan. You care about me.
Ryan: Damned if I know why, but I do care about you.
They kiss!
Friday, April 5 2002

Ryan: You know, sometimes you make it really hard to hate you. You try. You definitely, definitely give it a good shot. But now that I know who you really are, I, I can't help this.
Kendall: So who am I really?
Ryan: You're sweet. Almost. I mean, you fall into my arms crying when you finally realize that I actually care about you and you make it really easy to forget that person that you're pretending, that cool
Monday, April 8 2002

Ryan: Why, why are you fighting this, Kendall? I'm, I'm curious. I mean, you open yourself up and you make me like you. I mean, you made me like you a lot.
Monday, April 8 2002

Ryan: You know what, you really have a lot to learn. You do, you do, because if you were listening to one word that I was saying to you, you'd know that I like you just the way you are.
Monday, April 8 2002

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