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Disclaimer: The views in this column belong to this site only. Strong language may be used from time to time, as it is part of my regular vocabulary from time to time.

Week of June 10 2002:

Can you see it? Itís quite large. Missing it? Itís my grin, from ear to ear! A week of sheer and utter happiness, just waiting to be torn down by Ryanís departure. Sadly, yes, the time is getting closer and closer for Cameron to leave. Sad, yes, I will miss him terribly. Will my days of watching end? No. I may be a Cameron fan, but I am also a huge Alicia fan. And, hey, I like the show as a whole. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

You know, the week started out really good between Kendall and Ryan. I simply adore playful, couple banter. So, I absolutely loved Monday. Great couple banter. I was so proud of Kendall, too. Calling Trey and standing her ground. Good going, Kendall! One thing I must complain about. Kendall used the word bodacious. A small thing, I know, but nonetheless, the word does bug me. Anyway, the snoring talk was very cute. See, Kendall was nice to Chris. Very nice, and she didnít need to be because right now he is not too nice to her.

I liked this Erica and Kendall confrontation, too. Good parental talks for both them, and Chris and Ryan. Itís some of the best acting Iíve seen Cameron do, actually. He was perfectly subtle and understated. And I really think Kendall has finally woken up and smelled the coffee. What Erica told her hit her really hard. To an extent, and I cannot believe Iím saying this, Erica has a point. If you looked at Kendall and were Erica, you would see your rapist. But, where Erica is wrong is only seeing that. Sheís a very small person, literally and figuratively, to not be able to look deeper. Poor Kendall, thinking she was born bad.

Obviously my favorite part about Tuesday. Ryan finally told her he loves her. Yes, we knew he did. But he had not yet actually said it. She needed to hear it too, what her thinking she was born bad. Darn that Erica Kane.

Friday made so much sense. Except Ryan calling Anna, that made no sense. Nice flashbacks too. I loved those. Lots of nice memories. One I would have liked to have seen included was their trip to the ball game. When she kissed his temple, that was a great moment for them. I cheered at what Kendall did next. See, she had to have been there when Erica and Chris were, but she gave them their space and did not let them know she was there. Then, she called Ryan for help.

I love the way they put it. She ran from Ryan, the one person who believes in her and stands by her, to see the woman who gave her away. And then she called Ryan to come get her. She knows heís her salvation, what will get her through things. I already think sheís become a stronger with him. I only hope she continues to be so once he leaves. You know the saying, better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. Sheís learning to be strong from Ryan and should continue with that.

Iíll go ahead and jump to Friday now. WOW. WOW. WOW. Now, earlier in the week when Chris gave Ryan that ring, I thought he might propose. I actually predicted Friday and am quite pleased I was right. However, the scenes far exceeded my expectations. These were awesome, awesome scenes. The wind, the thunder, the rain, so dramatic. I would have done back flips, cartwheels, all of it. However, I feared horrible injury so decided against it. I settled for a large grin and a few girly giggles.

So, you may be asking how I can get so damn excited when Cameron will be gone in less than a month. Easy, Iím watching for now. I will enjoy whatís on now. All I can do is appreciate what these two had in their short time and be glad I got to see it.

Now, thereís a rumor going around on Kendall and Aidan. With Ryan gone I actually welcome this. Those two could be hot. Besides, after Cameron leaves, Iím considering turning this into a Kendall page with an extra large Kendall and Ryan section. If you have any thoughts on that, let me know. Anyway, Iím awaiting Monday excitedly, so Iíll say goodbye for now.

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