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Week of June 3 2002:

They had a really short week, so, you get a really short commentary. Possibly not even a page. So, la di da, we're back in the polygraph room. He's all peeved that she didn't tell him about sneaking into Binky's room, so he leaves. Thankfully, she does not agree to go for drinks with Trey and follows Ryan. Good girl, Kendall! She finds him in the park. Now, the entire time he was sitting there, flashing back to when they agreed to run away together, I'm begging him not to throw the maps away. For some reason I don't think this will be a good thing. Who knows. But, the scenes continue and she finally tells him why she went into Binky's room. I don't know, maybe he's finally getting through to her. He tells her she keeps acting like a punching bag and I could not agree more. Maybe now she'll stop. She didn't see Erica a single time this week.

She did, however, see Bianca. I hated these scenes, yet at the same time I loved them. Part of me got to thinking that maybe their reunion would happen. I mean, Kendall did show some vulnerability when Bianca was being a bitch to her. Sometimes I adore LesBianca, other times I want to throw my sneakers at her. Speaking of, does anyone else think Eden Riegel looks a lot like Michelle Branch? You know, except the whole Michelle Branch being part Asian thing there is a striking resemblance.

How much did I love Thursday's show, by the way? It kicked some major ass. Undoubtedly, Kendall was miffed about Ryan letting lil sis know about Kendall's theory. I didn't want to see Ryan walk out on her, but truth be told, I understand. This was my favorite part. Kendall began packing to move and who shows up but JR. Last person you'd expect, right? But those two had some great stuff. Ryan won't tell her just how much she means to him, but JR inadvertently does. The look on her face when JR said Ryan wrote to him that by talking about their deceased loved one helps keep them alive and move on. And the important part, finding someone you care about just as much when you never thought that was possible.

Ryan comes back, talks with JR. Kendall is very much shaken up and heads to the bathroom. Ever notice how much she likes to eavesdrop from behind bathroom doors? Three times now. First at the Valley Inn with Ryan's credit cards, second time at the Inn during the Erica confrontation with Chris and Ryan, and then now. Anyway, those JR scenes rocked! I like that they're integrating Kendall in with everyone.

So, Ryan notices her ‘luggage' and she explains she thought he'd split for good. She promises never to leave him, ever. Very touching, vulnerable moment for Kendall. I must again give props to Alicia for kicking ass! I never really mention it, but I need to. Cameron is doing a great job being conflicted between new girlfriend and new father. He's doing a great job, I obviously don't want to see him go.

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