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Week of May 20 2002:

So, she still loves him as she gets hauled off to the police station. Another week and I still do not like Erica. And Chris just keeps sinking lower and lower. I remember those days when I used to like him. Back when he told Erica Kendall was the only one he could trust. So, still at the hospital Erica and Binky are telling Ryan Kendall confessed. I get it, this looks bad for her. Hell, if I were Erica I would take that as a confession. Kendall does not give her much to work with. However, I donít think Erica would want to work with it anyway.

So, this is a Kendall and Ryan site so weíll ignore this other people for now. Most of them are on my shit list. Like I said above about Erica. Kendall has done little, if anything, to warrant any sympathy from Erica. But she gets the sympathy from me, so whatever. Going way off topic of what I had intended, this sympathy I have for Kendall is basically because Alicia plays her with such dimension. Iím normally not very sympathetic to characters like Kendall. It is usually more of an bad girl you love to hate thing. But Alicia makes Kendall very likable in the sympathetic way. Sometimes I donít know if the writers even know what they want with Kendall. One moment sheís crying to Ryan, saying that sheís nothing and no on will want her, then sheís calling the tabloids on Bianca and pulling a gun on Erica. I like both versions, but it seems like the writers do not know, or they want us to be torn. However, at the moment Kendall has more depth as a character than he mother and half sister.

Back to the topic at hand. Not that I ever have a set topic. Anyway, so, Trey is her lawyer. Poor Ryan does not know what a mistake that it. Iíve always disliked how under pressure Kendall seems to do what everyone expects of her. Therefore, I got real happy later on this week. Anyway, so have you noticed that when things happen Kendall is the one who does not get the change her clothes? No matter what the crisis everyone else gets to change. She pulls a gun and has a bad night, she stays in that red skirt and that striped shirt for two days. Now she goes to court, thereís a fire, she goes to jail and the next time sheís in court sheís wearing the same thing. Cross your fingers for something new come next week!

Okay, so back in the jail cell, Kendall has someone who has faith in her. These jail cell scenes have been great. Even with bars separating them theyíre great! And how much would I love to see their road trip? Granted, a road trip on a soap is difficult, but still.

Trey Kenyon has future murder victim written all over him. Letís just hope Kendall or Ryan picks up on him soon. What kind of a lawyer comes in, does not discuss with his client and says nothing much but plead guilty. He isnít very reassuring. However, they both brought up good points. It isnít Kendallís fault sheís a product of rape and it is not Ericaís fault that she was raped. Kendallís admission of what she was doing in Biancaís room wonít help her any. Itís the truth, but itís a bit, well... In the court room, Iím happy. Her spine made itís appearance. Iíd like to know a little more of why Bianca felt she had to go. Anyway, under pressure Kendall tends to do exactly what people expect of her, sadly. But Ryan walked in and she didnít. Listening to your lawyer is generally the smart thing to do, but not this time. Nope, she stood there and yelled she was innocent. I was smiling, it was great. Yet, Bianca leaves all upset. Kendall did one of those things that makes me cringe and frown. She ran off and went to Ericaís.

They had a great conversation, they really did. And, hello, Erica had no reason to go into hysterics. Be upset? Totally. But not so upset to where she could not breathe. And this is where Chris upset me greatly. Heís pushing Ryan away and heís been whipped by Erica. His mind is gone. Yes, Kendall has done some really shitty things. But he knows Erica has too. He knew Kendall after the worst pf those bad things and grew to like her. She gives Binky some booze and calls a reporter and now heíll never listen to another word she has to say? Heíll be apologizing to her soon.

Okay, biggest moment of the week had me grinning from ear to ear. Iíve been noticing for a while now Ryanís wedding ring. For some reason it caught my eye and I began wondering if he was going to remove it now that heís so devoted to Kendall. Heís making all these promises to her, yet still wears what was a symbol of his commitment to Gillian. Not that his ring should be taken lightly. Heís handled it quite well. They waited for a good moment. Kendall and Ryan both agreed to give something up and then he committed himself to her even more by removing the ring. Heís been so unsure of what they are to each other, he wonít quite say he loves her even though he knows he does, but he sees there being no turning back now. I loved this week.

But, I have to go now because Iím about to fall asleep.

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