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Week of May 6 2002:

Well, well. This week began with a bang. Almost literally. Alas, the gun was not loaded. I knew Kendall did not have it in her to shoot Erica. There is no way I could possibly see her shooting anyone. I remember last week, Chris said that they would all go out to dinner and Bianca could choose the restaurant. In Pine Valley they have three choices because, well, they donít show us any other eating establishments worthy of Erica Kane. So, Binky must choose between the Valley Inn, BJís or SOS. Why am I rambling about this? They did not bring Bianca with them to dinner. Big faux pas, AMC. The scenes with Kendall holding Erica at gunpoint were great, lots of tension and steady performances from all involved. But imagine how much more interesting it would have been had Bianca been there. If anyone should be torn over what is going on it is her. She loves her mother, she cares for her sister. To find out that Erica lied and manipulated to be rid of Kendall and then to see Ms. Hart packing heat to Pine Valleyís most elite restaurant would have thrown her in a real pickle.

Alicia is getting really good at crying on screen. Mark of a true Daytime Diva. And I like her more and more each week, which by the end of the previous week I do not think to be possible. The park seems to be a new hangout for Ryan and Kendall, they were there twice this week. He wants to take care of her, which I obviously love. I donít think Kendallís ever really been swept off of her feet, which Ryan did. Literally, he picked her up and carried her even though she told him she wanted to be alone. Communication is key to any relationship, however, it is a good thing he does not listen to what she tells him and really listens to what she is telling him. Make sense? Complete.

Itís easier for Kendall to just believe that he will not want to be with her after finding out some of the dumb things she does. What does he do instead? One of the sweetest, most romantic things I have ever heard in my entirely young life. He tells her he will do anything and everything to make sure she is happy, he needs to see her happy. How selfless is that? Slowly and slowly she is realizing that he is a keeper. But, she is her own worst enemy.

They did one of my favorite things this week, too. They slept together. They did not make love, well they did later on. But initially he told her she could start being happy by going to sleep. They did just that, she curled up next to him and slept. I love when that happens with soap couples. Couples in general, actually. To me, it means the utmost level of comfort. For Kendall, who has walls up around her that should be in China, that is a break through.

But, she then makes another boo boo. She goes to Ericaís. Things donít go well. Bianca has found out about the gun! Never mind it was not loaded. Thereís also the small matter of neither Erica nor Chris telling her the whole story. Now, do not think I am okay with Pistol Packing Kendall. No, no, I was disappointed in her, even though I am usually mad at Erica. So, even though Kendall wants to apologize to Binky, Little La Kane will have none of it! See, I can easily defend Kendall here and I will. See, the whole Donald Steele, champaign and gun stuff, that all happened before her talk with Ryan. See, afterwards she went to Ericaís to apologize. She wants to be good for Ryan. Problem is, she tries and doors get slammed in her face. Waiting to go to Ericaís might have been a smarter move.

Ryan likes to go looking for Kendall. Mind you, if she stayed he would not have to. Anyway, he finds her leaving La Kaneís and tells her they need to go back in and sort things out. Whoops, the police show up. Add another person to my shit list. Jackson Montgomery. Now, I know how deeply wrong Kendall was in giving Bianca some bubbly. Bianca is the one who drank, drove and crashed. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for oneís actions. So, Jack comes to serve Kendall with court papers since she gave alcohol to a minor. Will Bianca be faced with any charges? It appears not. Even though she herself broke the law. Now, hereís the big reason Jack is on my list. He tells Kendall he is the one who is calling her to court because Kendall called Donald Steele. Now, this was a patented Kendall screw up. But it is not illegal. It hurt Binks, yeah. But again, not illegal. This is his reason for going after Kendall and what with this case being personal he is way out of line. When is the next district attorney in Pine Valley? At this time Iím thinking Chris would make a better DA. Even though all he really did this week was kiss Erica, protect Erica and jest with Erica. LesBianca is now on the border of being on my list. Sheís almost there. The only thing keeping her from it that she does not know all the facts. She moved a step closer to it, though, when she said she was Erica Kaneís daughter and kicked Kendall out. La di da for you, Bianca, thank goodness you arenít as vapid as Erica.

Again, Kendall runs to the park. Ryanís disappointed in her, as he should be. She tries to light a cigarette. Why am I telling you this? Because the most evil of soap characters smoke. Ryan pulled the cigarette away form her before she could light it up. I may be reading too much into this, but I got the feeling like it was a metaphor. He will not let her sink to that, he is going to help her save her from herself. Anyway, he again picks her up and carries her to the Pine Dump. This time he throws her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes with her kicking and screaming.

Back at the Pine Dump they have this conversation about revenge and whatnot. I liked these scenes, a lot. Up until now it has really seemed as though Ryan may excuse Kendall for everything, but he let her have it. He let her know that she messed up and had lousy judgement. Now, I donít get her need for revenge to feel alive, but I can see her thinking she has nothing else to make her feel alive. Sheís still leery of getting too involved with Ryan. But he again explains he needs her to be happy and asks if he can help her with that, make her feel alive. She didnít say anything, but I think that it is safe to say her answer was yes. Yes, this time they slept together in the making love sense. Nicely done, hot love scene.

They get the best pillow talk. A good way to end the week for these two. She explains very little about Del. She says he couldnít put up with her crap, but I am fairly certain thereís more to the story. And, yes, I used that phrase deliberately. So, he tells her they should leave Pine Valley together. I thought sheíd disagree because she has so much fear. But she agreed. Now, I know they will not leave. But I love the fact she agreed. It means sheís thinking of something other than revenge against Erica. Means she is thinking of him.

Next week sounds exciting, so Iíll talk at you then.

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