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Disclaimer: The views in this column belong to this site only. Strong language may be used from time to time, as it is part of my regular vocabulary from time to time.

Week of April 29 2002:

Oi vey, what a week in Pine Valley. I should explain one thing before I begin this. The glory of Erica Kane is something I fail to understand. Being a younger and fairly new viewer, possibly the character is not what she once was. What I see with Erica Kane is someone who honestly does believe herself to be invincible. Now, this could be a good thing. But from what I have seen of Erica, she believes that she can get out of any situation — legal or not. Binks this past week, she was willing to pay for the crime she committed. Not La Kane. No, no. Mommy wanted a clean slate for her favored daughter. Erica's apparent belief in her superiority bothers me. Which is not to say I don't enjoy her at times. She has her moments. Sometimes, I even smile in her scenes. Recently she did a little shake for Chris while mimicking his physical therapy. I liked that. I like her with Chris, he makes her enjoyable for me. Probably because he doesn't let her get away with all that much. I really do hope to see them go to Italy and him propose the way his father did with his mother. I doubt we'll see it, but it is a nice sentiment. Mind you, there were a few times this week when Chris did have me glaring at my screen.

Greenlee also had me glaring. Thursday and Friday, mostly Friday. She took far too much pleasure in taunting Kendall. Was there a reason? Yes. But it was not a good one. Kendall treated her like dirt while Greenlee posed as downtrodden. Ms. Smyth wanted her revenge. As I said, she had too much fun watching Kendall's misery. It finally hit home for Kendall that Erica does not want her and never will. Greenlee loves that and her only reason being that she had to answer to someone she felt beneath her. She, along with Chris and Erica, are currently on my shit list.

A little more on Erica. She told Chris about Kendall calling Richard Fields to Pine Valley way back when. Okay, maybe not that long ago. That was a bad move on Kendall's part. She makes a lot of mistakes. However, the thing that struck me, and it struck me with great force, was that from the beginning Erica never wanted Kendall. At fourteen Erica held so much hatred for an innocent, unborn child that she never wanted to lay eyes on her. Before Kendall ever entered her life, Erica wanted nothing to do with her. Though I would have never used the methods Kendall has, I can understand her longing for her mother's approval. When she does not get it, she lashes out in all the wrong ways. I have another theory on that, but it is lengthy, I'll save it for later. This week hit me that an act of God is what it would take for Erica to want Kendall in her life. It made me sad for Kendall, knowing that she'll never be wanted. Knowing that I have the greatest mother anyone could ask for, it hit me that someone is being denied the smallest fraction of that love.

On to more upbeat things. Ryan, this week. How much am I loving this guy right now? He believes in Kendall. Always a good thing. And he's open about it. He makes no secret to Erica, Chris or Leo that he likes Kendall and thinks she is treated unfairly. He honestly just wants what is best for her. I liked him comparing her to Gillian when he was talking to Leo. Not that I want her compared to Gillian, though she inevitably is. Ryan compared Kendall to Gillian, saying she too was a challenge. He did not see himself marrying Gillian and look where he ended up. This was good to see because it reminded viewers Gillian was not a saint. Far from it when she first arrived in town. I far too often see people who hold her on this pedestal. If anyone is proof people can change, it is Gillian. Kendall, too, can change. Although I don't think she needs to change who she is. Just her methods.

If AMC knows how to do one thing it is end their week stunningly. Lately we have seen it with Chris being shot and Vanessa taking the dining room hostage. Kendall walked into the Valley Inn, her head held high, trying to remain calm and cool though she wanted to break down. She felt alone and betrayed. Like me, it hit her that her mother would never want her. She retained her demeanor as she sat down at the table with Ryan, Chris and Erica. She calmly pulled the gun from her purse and pointed it at the woman who gave her birth, her hands trembling. She did not think this through, no doubt. But I do understand her feelings, knowing that Erica would go to such lengths just to never see the face of her own flesh and blood.

Alicia Minshew is destined for an Emmy nomination next year. I would go so far as to say win, but that academy tends to be fickle. They have a ‘second times a charm' thing going for them (Good luck to Eden Reigel.), so she's more likely the second year. However, since appearing on screen in early January she has easily held her own in every scene with every actor she has been paired with. She has screen presence, too. But the look in those arresting eyes said everything that needed to be said as Kendall sat down at the Valley Inn, words were not needed.

All in all a pretty good week. Not very much to report on the romance side for Ryan and Kendall, though. However, it is always nice to see a new couple kissing and hugging goodbye like it's standard practice. Makes things a little more concrete.

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