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Cameron Mathison Shorts

ABC Gossip
Soap Opera Digest
February 12 2002

Cops and Robbers: Last month, Cameron Mathison appeared in an episode of ABC's cop-comedy The Job. "[The audition] conflicted with one of my many trips. I said, ĎIs there any way they can just see me on a tape from All My Children?'" There was, and Mathison booked the role of a bank robber who "meets one of the female officers in a dating service and tells her that he's in banking. In a love scene that we had later in the show, she pulled out handcuffs. He thought that she was getting all kinky..."

Soap Opera Digest
The Sweetest Thing: Emmy Preview
May 21 2002

Digest: How did people at work respond to your nomination?

Mathison: I got a lot of phone calls from producers and Judy Blye Wilson in casting. It was nice, really one of the highlights of my career/life.

Digest: What do you think of the other people in your category?

Mathison: Mark [Consuelos, Mateo] and Josh [Duhamel, Leo] are still my closest friends on the show, which is kind of hysterical. We have a good time making jokes about it, like saying weíll pick out each otherís Emmy reels. Needless to say ... theyíre excellent actors. I donít really know Paul [Leyden, Simon, ATWT]. I golfed with Benjamin Hendrickson [Hal, ATWT] once, and he seems like an interesting kind of guy.

Digest: What does your nomination mean to you?

Mathison: I wish it didnít mean as much to me as it does. But it does mean so much. I feel like, and [itís] a lot of my doing, that I got myself into a place where I was only really noted in the media, in the magazines ó yours included ó for taking my shirt off. For love scenes, fashion sense or whatever. It was driving me crazy. I worked really hard, and Iíve been studying for a while now with various people, and I was secretly hoping that Iíd be recognized. It was such a huge, huge weight lifted off when I was.

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