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Kendall In the Wind

By Michael Loagn for TV Guide

A notorious superbrat is back raising Kane

All My Children's decision to bring back Erica Kane's eldest daughter, Kendall - the snippy backstabber once played by Sarah Michelle Gellar - is surprising on three counts. First, Gellar was uncommonly thrilling and memorable in the part. What's more, it seems that bringing back the character would bring back bad memories for Susan Lucci, whose backstage battles with the scene-stealing Gellar (who took a powder in 1995 after winning an Emmy) were the talk of the suds industry. And then there's the age factor: The return of Kendall - now being played by 27-year-old Alicia Minshew of Plantation, Florida - seems counterproductive to AMC's longtime campaign to keep La Kane as youthful as possible. And AMC publicist says Lucci will not comment on Kendall's return. So let's meet Minshew.

AMC didn't mess around with your January 7 debut. You really hit the ground running.

In just my first two days, I was slapped by Susan Lucci, I was running around wet in nothing but a towel, I got drunk on champagne, and I had this big old cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

And this is just backstage, right?

[Laughing but ignoring the question] Then I put out my cigarette and started a fire. The crew is shocked. They're going, "Kendall smokes? She must really be bad!"

No one smokes on soaps but the most satanic!

She's a little more mature than when we last saw her but still the queen bitch brat - and how much fun that is to play.

Yeah, fine. But give us the really 411. How's it been working with Lucci?

Susan has been sooo sweet to me, and that's been a really big plus considering whatever has happened with her in the past. We've been very kind to each other. She's half Italian, I'm half Italian, so we chat about that. She gave me a Christmas present and a card. I feel we're off to a really good start, which is good because I don't want to have any bad blood - especially with her, you know?

We know. Speaking of dueling divas, didn't you do the voice of Shannon Doherty on Celebrity Deathmatch?

Once again I was playing a bitch. Hmmm...interesting.


Normally they have the nice people win on that show, but that time the bitch won. I got to beat the hell out of Halle Berry.

Are you nervous about replacing Gellar?

Sure, there's a side of me that knows people will remember her and will compare us, especially because she's such a big star now. Some will like me and some won't. I just want to do the character justice the way she did.

Well, I know Gellar, and I'll guarantee you one thing - she's watching.

Oh, I'm sure! She's like, "Let me check this out."

I smell another Celebrity Deathmach.

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